Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's daugthers say Happy Fathers Day :)

okeyy , pembace setia ,
what day is today ? takn tak tahu ? aku lempang kang !! 
today jeng , jeng , jeng 
19 Jun 2011 
happy fathers day lah , for semua bapa2 di malaysia , ecspecially my beloved ayah
Zailuddin bin Ya'acob
he's my super dad for the rest of my life , nobody will replace him !
nobody !
walaupun batman sekalipun ,
ayah , jasamu takan ku lupa :) u give me everything , but i din't give everything
as good as you :) i'll try the best dad .
u allways be the number one supporter in my life n football ! uppss , haha
u give a chance , for me to chose my own future and life .
and once again ayah .
HAPPY FATHERS DAY .  u are the best father that anyone never had :)

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